FACT mix 418 / Gorgeous Children (Dec ’13)


FACT MAGAZINE: Gila Monsta and Face Vega have been pushing a dystopian take on hip-hop for several years now, self-releasing music through their Bandcamp page. This year, they signed to Jacques Greene’s Vase label – a past home for Koreless, Arclight and more – and released their highest profile mixtape to date, ICE.

As FACT’s weekly mixtape round-up put it, “the two have ended up with the year’s most appealing underground tape – a disarming collection of gloomy samples and disembodied rhymes that sounds refreshingly relevant. It succeeds not by threatening to cut down commercial rap, but instead by simply attempting to better it with a wealth of fresh ideas and punishingly strong concept.”

Gorgeous Children’s FACT mix also feels like a statement, both about the duo’s tastes and the desolate sound world that they’re trying to create. Whether it’s Lil Ugly Mane’s Shawn Kemp alias, Balam Acab, Tommy Kruise or The Bug, nothing here lets in light, and we can’t think of a better way to close this year.